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There were ash trees near the lighthouse and, for arrow shafts, a whole copse full of beautifully straight hazel saplings. He began by felling a young ash, cut out six feet of unbranched stem, stripped off the bark and, paring by paring, shaved away the white wood, as old Mitsima had taught him, until he had a stave of his own height, stiff at the thickened centre, lively and quick at the slender tips. The work gave him an intense pleasure. After those weeks of idleness in London, with nothing to do, whenever he wanted anything, but to press a switch or turn a handle, it was pure delight to be doing something that demanded skill and patience.

What might be implied by this quote?


John is planning survival tactics for his stay in the wilderness.


John is attempting to destroy all of nature since God has yet to save him.


John is creating weapons so that he may kill Mond and the other controllers in order to put an end to their "perfect" society.


John is replicating a version of Jesus' crucifixion in order to be forgiven for all of his sins.


John is punishing himself for succumbing to society.

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