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After Holden arrives at Penn Station, he gets in a taxi and he informs the reader:

I gave the driver my regular address, just out of habit and all. I mean I completely forgot I was going to shack up in a hotel for a couple of days and not go home till vacation started. I didn't think of it till we were halfway through the park. Then I said, "Hey, do you mind turning around when you get a chance? I gave you the wrong address. I want to go back downtown."

Based on these comments, what can you infer about the influence of the setting on Holden's character?


Being in NYC leads Holden to forget that he was kicked out of school, which is why automatically says his address when entering a cab.


Part of Holden, whether he realizes it or not, wants to go home and be with his family. And yet, he isolates himself in a city where he has connections.


Holden cares about what the cab driver thinks of him, and is embarrassed when he tells the driver the wrong address.


Holden's privileged upper-middle-class existence lead him to be deeply impetuous, especially when it comes to people in the service sector, like the cab driver.


Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of New York City, Holden is overcome by the desire to experience everything he can.

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