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While waiting for his prostitute to show up at his hotel room, Holden says, “I kept hoping she'd be good-looking. I didn't care too much, though. I sort of just wanted to get it over with.”

Considering what you know about Holden, why would he “just want to get it [sex] over with”?


Because Holden is insecure and depressed he struggles to form meaningful relationships, and cannot connect or get close enough to anyone to have sex.


Holden yearns for his childhood; having sex violates and clashes with his fantasy of remaining in a world of innocence and being the catcher in the rye.


Holden regrets most of the sexual experiences he engaged in while attending Pencey, and so he is dreading the prospect of having sex with a prostitute seeing that he associates sex with “crumby” times.


Holden is consumed by his thoughts of Jane Gallagher; he sees the prostitute as an inconvenience and an impediment to his calling up Jane on the phone.


Choice 'A' and Choice 'B'.

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