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Then you'd pass by this long, long Indian war canoe, about as long as three goddam Cadillacs in a row, with about twenty Indians in it, some of them paddling, some of them just standing around looking tough, and they all had war paint all over their faces. There was one very spooky guy in the back of the canoe, with a mask on. He was the witch doctor. He gave me the creeps, but I liked him anyway.

Read the excerpt above, in which Salinger devotes several lines to Holden's description of the witch doctor. It is likely that Salinger's focus on the witch doctor is intended to


suggest that Holden has an unhealthy obsession with the macabre.


demonstrate how Holden relates to nonconformists and outsiders.


demonstrate the extent to which Holden's memories of the Natural History Museum are “sugar-coated” and idealized.


suggest that the museum is a safe haven for Holden.


offer an example of Holden's childlike curiosity.

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