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Holden says that Mr. Spencer, upon learning that Holden was expelled from Pencey, wrote Holden “this note asking me to stop by and say good-bye before vacation started, on account of I wasn't coming back." When Holden visits Mr. Spencer he tells his teacher, “You didn't have to do all that. I'd have come over to say good-bye anyway."

What can be inferred from the manner in which Holden greets Mr. Spencer?


Holden greets Mr. Spencer and his wife, Selma, in a manner that suggests that he is close to them.


Holden is sarcastic and it is obvious he resents Mr. Spencer for flunking him.


Holden gets emotional upon entering his teacher's house and is sentimental about Mr. Spencer taking the time to write him a note.


Holden acts as if it is an imposition for him to stop by his teacher's house.


Holden greets Mr. Spencer nervously, because he fears that Spencer knows he [Holden] plagiarized his final paper.

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