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...These two little kids came up to me and asked me if I knew where the mummies were. The one little kid, the one that asked me, had his pants open. I told him about it. So he buttoned them up right where he was standing talking to me--he didn't even bother to go behind a post or anything. He killed me...
"Where're the mummies, fella?" the kid said again. "You know. The mummies -- them dead guys. That get buried in them toons and all"
Toons. That killed me. He meant tombs...
"You two guys so interested in mummies?" I said.
"Can't your friend talk?" I said.
"He ain't my friend. He's my brudda."
"Can't he talk?" I looked at the one that wasn't doing any talking. "Can't you talk at all?" I asked him.
"Yeah," he said. "I don't feel like it."
Finally we found the place where the mummies were, and we went in.

How is the boys' innocence illustrated within their dialogue with Holden? Select ALL that apply.


The boy is not embarrassed when Holden tells him that his fly is open.


One of the boys doesn't talk because “he doesn't feel like it.”


The boys' diction and accent (i.e. saying “brudda” and “The mummies—them dead guys”).


The boys are excited about seeing the mummies.


They boys refer to the tombs as "toons."

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