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Considering the way Holden describes and remembers Jane Gallagher, it is clear that he cares for her very deeply — though, notably, he does not express this affection explicitly in his narrative.

Of the following examples from the text, which indicates that Holden and Jane were close friends that shared a mutual trust?


Jane kept all of her kings in the back row when she and Holden played checkers together, a habit that Holden found amusing.


Jane confided in Holden about her “lousy childhood,” telling him personal information about her parents' divorce and stepfather.


Holden used to walk Jane's Doberman when her family was not home, despite his fear of dogs.


Holden cares about Jane's happiness and fixes her up on date with Stradlater because he thinks the two of them would get along well.


When they spent time together, Holden agreed to play many games of checkers with Jane even though he dislikes the game and thinks it's “phony.”

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