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The floor was all stone, and if you had some marbles in your hand and you dropped them, they bounced like madmen all over the floor and made a helluva racket, and the teacher would hold up the class and go back and see what the hell was going on. She never got sore, though, Miss Aigletinger.

Then you'd pass by this long, long Indian war canoe, about as long as three goddam Cadillacs in a row, with about twenty Indians in it, some of them paddling, some of them just standing around looking tough, and they all had war paint all over their faces... Another thing, if you touched one of the paddles or anything while you were passing, one of the guards would say to you, "Don't touch anything, children," but he always said it in a nice voice, not like a goddam cop or anything.

What can the reader infer about the Holden from the content in this paragraph?


Some Indians used canoes that were roughly three times the size of a Cadillac.


As a kid, Holden enjoyed causing trouble in school, and he currently dislikes policemen.


Holden possesses a photographic memory of the museum's exhibit.


Holden appreciates adults who are patient and imperturbable with kids.


It is likely that earlier on in the novel, in the aftermath of his fight with Ackley, Holden is fascinated by the streaks of blood on his face because the bloody smears remind him of the Indians' war paint in the museum.

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