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What does Holden want to know about the ducks on the pond in Central Park in New York City and what does his need to know the answer to this question reveal about his character?


Holden wants to know if the pond is frozen and where the ducks go when it is frozen. Holden's concern is his figurative way of wondering where those without a home, who don't belong anyplace, can seek refuge.


Holden loves skating and is anxious to know if the pond is frozen over and thus ready for people to skate on it. His question about the ducks reveals his intellectual curiosity.


Holden's need to know about the state of the pond speaks to his impatient personality and his avoidance of the bigger problems in his life.


Holden's concern for the ducks exemplifies the way he distracts himself with superfluous questions of little importance to avoid thinking about topics that make him uncomfortable.


Holden has a special love of animals and nature; his curiosity about the pond and concern for the ducks is one of several examples in the text that reveal his fondness for the natural world.

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