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In May 1952, Raymond Gosling, a doctoral student working with Rosalind Franklin, took an X-ray diffraction image of crystallized DNA.

X-ray diffraction image of the double helix structure of the DNA molecule, taken 1952 by Raymond Gosling, commonly referred to as "Photo 51", during work by Rosalind Franklin on the structure of DNA. Digital image. Raymond Gosling/King's College London, 1952. Web. 4 June 2016.

Such an image can be interpreted by mathematical calculations to learn about the molecular structure of DNA.

Which of the following can NOT be determined from the photo?


DNA has a helical structure.


DNA has two strands held together by base pairing of A with T and C with G.


The length of one complete turn of the helix can be determined.


DNA consists of regular, repeating units that are spaced 3.4 angstroms apart.

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