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A charter helicopter takes a group of tourists on a trip. They take off from Santa Monica at 9 am and fly 25 km due East toward Los Angeles. They arrive at 9:20 am and spend 30 minutes sightseeing from the air. Afterwards, they fly 40 km due South and arrive at their final destination 40 minutes later. What is their average velocity for the whole trip?


$43 \space \frac {km}{h}$ at $32^o \space \text {South of East}$


$31 \space \frac {km}{h}$ at $32^o \space \text {South of East}$


$31 \space \frac {km}{h}$ at $58^o \space \text {South of East}$


$43 \space \frac {km}{h}$ at $58^o \space \text {South of East}$

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