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An airplane wing is designed such that air flowing over the top surface must travel farther than air flowing over the bottom surface. This forces the air above the wing to travel faster than the air below the wing.

​Suppose that between points $A$ and $B$ in the figure, the air flowing below the wing travels a distance of $3.5\:m$ and has a speed of $45\:m/s$ relative to the wing due to the motion of the airplane through the air. Between the same two points, air flowing over the top of the wing travels a distance of $4.2\:m$.

What is the difference in pressure between the bottom of the wing and the top of the wing?
Ignore any difference in height between air above the wing and air below the wing and take the density of air to be $\rho = 1.2\:kg/m^3$.

Airflow around the wing of an airplane. Suzanne Taylor. Created for Copyright 2016









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