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A boat is floating north along a river with a speed of $5\text{ m/s}$. A strong wind suddenly picks up and blows continuously $45^{\circ}$ north east with a speed of $10 \text{ m/s}$.

What is the resulting velocity of the boat as the wind continues to blow?


$\mathbf{v_r} = \langle 7.1, 12.1, 0 \rangle \text{ m/s}$


$\mathbf{v_r} = \langle 0, 12.1, 0 \rangle \text{ m/s}$


$\mathbf{v_r} = \langle 20.2, 12.1, 13.2 \rangle \text{ m/s}$


$\mathbf{v_r} = \langle 18.2, 12.1, 0 \rangle \text{ m/s}$

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