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Figure 1 depicts a wire of outer radius $R = 0.700 \text{ mm}$ and length $l = 6.00 \text{ mm}$, containing a central hole of diameter $s = 0.400 \text{ mm}$.

Figure 1. “Timothy Black. Created for Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.”

The wire has a resistivity which depends on the wire radius as:

$$\rho = \frac{B}{r}$$

…where $B = 2.54 \times 10^{-6} \; \Omega \cdot \rm{m}^2$.

If a 10 V potential is held across the ends of the wire, how much current is carried within a distance of $c = 0.4 \text{ mm}$ from the center of the wire?


$I = 1.32 \text{ mA}$


$I = 231 \text{ mA}$


$I = 115 \text{ mA}$


$I = 77.0 \text{ mA}$

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