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The figure illustrates a deflecting electrode system in an ink-jet printer. Assume that the ink droplets have a mass $m=10^{-10}$ kg, and carry a charge $q=-10^{-13}$ C. Assume that the ink droplets enter the deflecting plate with a speed of 20 m/s.

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Assume that the printer needed to produce a maximal deflection of $D=2$ mm at the end of the plates, of length $L=1.5$ cm, and ignore gravity.

What is the required maximal magnitude of the electric field between the plates?


$-1.2\times 10^7\ N/C$


$7.1\times 10^6\ N/C$


$2.1\times 10^6\ N/C$


$-3.5\times 10^6\ N/C$

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