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Which statement is true about the following passage?

Montag walked to the kitchen and threw the book down. "Montag," she said, "you're really stupid. Where do we go from here? Do we turn the books in, forget it?" He opened the book to read over Mildred's laughter. Poor Millie, he thought. Poor Montag, it's mud to you, too. But where do you get help, where do you find a teacher this late?


Montag pities Mildred for being too obtuse to break their society's rules, but realizes that he himself is no better off since he, too, doesn't understand the wisdom that books offer.


Montag loses his temper because Mildred, despite his insistence, refuses to teach Montag what she knows about literature.


Montag is acting sympathetic toward Mildred; he feels guilty for rejecting Mildred and feels bad that her love for him is unrequited.


Montag is attempting not to betray his frustration that Mildred is illiterate and and as such, she doesn't appreciate books.


Montag is angry because he cannot concentrate or hear himself think while Mildred is laughing aloud while watching her parlor TV shows.

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