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Faber tells Montag that he [Montag] is missing three important pieces of information.

Which choice outlines the three pieces of information that Faber expresses aloud?

  1. Books are feared because they record life and history.
  2. People need to have leisure time – not for fun or recreation, but time to contemplate.
  3. People must be permitted to use what they learn from the former two rules to change the way they behave and fix past mistakes.
  1. Books are obsolete.
  2. People need to have free time to allow for fun.
  3. People must follow the rules of the government in order for a state to remain politically stable.
  1. Books are financially valuable.
  2. People must incorporate love into their lives.
  3. Humans must respect animals and the environment.
  1. Books are feared because they are political propaganda.
  2. People need to have time set aside to read.
  3. People must be punished for mistakes they make in order for them to learn from their transgressions.
  1. Books are feared because there is asbestos in the old paper.
  2. People need to have cars in order to be mobile.
  3. Children must attend school if they are going to learn how to live a productive life.
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