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Which choice best explains why the following passage from Part I is cited as an example of foreshadowing?

... Montag did not move and only stood thinking of the ventilator grille in the hall at home and what lay hidden behind the grille. If someone here in the firehouse knew about the ventilator then mightn't they 'tell' the Hound . . . ?


Bradbury is allowing the reader to see that there is something in the ventilator that will influence the story later on in the novel.


That Montag is thinking about the ventilator grille suggests he will think critically about his society later on in the novel.


Bradbury mentions the ventilator grille to hint that Montag will eventually use the grille to burn books.


Bradbury is encouraging the reader to deduce that the Hound is hides behind the ventilator grille.


Montag's complacency, his “not moving” is echoed in Part III when he has trouble moving across the highway of speeding beetles.

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