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What is significant about the following quotation from the text?

...Half an hour later, cold, and moving carefully on the tracks, fully aware of his entire body, his face, his mouth, his eyes stuffed with blackness, his ears stuffed with sound, his legs prickled with burrs and nettles, he saw the fire ahead.


Montag is moving carefully, which is not typical of his reckless personality. Either he is frightened or has matured.


Montag is fully aware of his body, whereas previously he has felt disconnected and separate from various body parts. This suggests that he is whole.


Montag's senses must be dulled if his legs are all lacerated, his eyes are filled "with blackness" and ears "stuffed with sound."


The fire that Montag sees ahead of him, he realizes, is his house burning. He is at once glad and nostalgic.


Montag's vision is blocked and he is walking along the railroad tracks. The reader, but not he, realizes that this presents a tenuous situation.

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