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Which is statement is true about the following passage?

He stood breathing, and the more he breathed the land in, the more he was filled up with all the details of the land. He was not empty. There was more than enough here to fill him. There would always be more than enough.


Montag feels connected to and fulfilled by nature; his firm sense of place and belonging in the world suggests his personal transformation as a character is complete.


Montag realizes that the place he has reached is sustainable; there is enough food and, through the Book People, enough to learn for his purposes.


Montag is experiencing hallucinations, but he is not intimidated by his visions. He senses that a higher being will take care of him and show him the right path to travel.


Montag sees the destruction fire causes to the landscape and decides not to burn again. He believes there is still more time to rectify his environmental negligence.


Montag is overwhelmed by the beauty of his new home by the riverside and feels grateful.

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