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In an episode of Gilligan’s Island, a 1960s TV sitcom, the professor built galvanic cells to use as replacements for the dead batteries in the radio.

Using coconuts for beakers and seawater for an electrolyte, which metals should the professor have used to create as close to a $1.5 \textrm{ V}$ battery as possible?

Assume the professor has both the metal and ion available. Select TWO metals that he should use.


Anchor – iron/iron(II) – $E°=0.44\textrm{ V}$.


Boat flagpole – aluminum/aluminum(III) – $E°=1.677\textrm{ V}$.


Fishing weights – lead/lead(II) – $E°=0.126\textrm{ V}$.


Mrs. Howell’s brooch – silver/silver(I) – $E°=-0.799 \textrm{ V}$.

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