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The nickel-cadmium battery is a rechargeable battery used in some home electronics and emergency lights.

Complete the following statements about the nickel-cadmium battery, in which the electrode reactions are:

$(1)\quad Ni{O}_{2} + 2{H}_{2}O + 2{e}^{-} \xrightarrow [ ]{ } Ni{(OH)}_{2} + 2O{H}^{-}$
$(2)\quad Cd + 2O{H}^{-} \xrightarrow [ ]{ } Cd{(OH)}_{2} + 2{e}^{-}$

Half-reaction (1) is the
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reaction and half-reaction (2) is the
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Select Option $Cd$$Ni{O}_{2}$$O{H}^{-}$${e}^{-}$
is a spectator ion.
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