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Consider a galvanic cell based on the following half reactions:

$$\textrm{Co}^{2+}(aq) + 2e^- \rightarrow \textrm{Co}(s) \qquad E°=-0.28 V$$
$$\textrm{Cr}^{3+}(aq) + 3e- \rightarrow \textrm{Cr}(s) \qquad E°=-0.73 V$$

Which of the following changes to the galvanic cell would lead to a decrease in the cell potential? Select ALL that apply.


Adding $\textrm{Cr}^{3+}$ ions to the chromium half reaction (assume no volume change).


Adding $\textrm{Co}^{2+}$ ions to the cobalt half reaction (assume no volume change).


Removing $\textrm{Co}^{2+}$ ions from solution by precipitating them out (assume no volume change).


Adding water to both half reaction vessels to double the volume.

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