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In sexually reproducing populations, inbreeding can be a function of both population size and the sex ratio among the parents.

Consider the four sample populations below. All are of the same species and are closed populations (no outside parents enter the populations); they all practice random mating and are equal for all other factors.

Population A B C D
Number of parents 100 100 400 400
Ratio of male:female parents 1:1 1:4 1:1 1:4

$\ $
Indicate which statements below are TRUE.

Select ALL that apply.


Inbreeding should accumulate more quickly in population B than population A.


Inbreeding should accumulate in population C more quickly than in population D.


Inbreeding should accumulate the slowest in population D.


Inbreeding should accumulate the fastest in population B.


Inbreeding should accumulate equally in populations A and B.

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