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The chromosome of an untransformed Escherichia coli strain encodes the enzymes necessary for the bacterium to grow on a medium that contains either glucose or galactose as a carbon source. This same chromosome carries a mutation in the fliC gene. fliC is necessary for the production of flagella used in cell motility. The mutated gene prevents the cell from producing functional flagella. As a result, cells with this mutation are non-motile.

This strain is transformed with a plasmid that carries a wild-type fliC gene and bla, a gene that encodes the enzyme beta-lactamase, which confers resistance to the antibiotic ampicillin. Following the transformation reaction, these cells are grown on two different media: a medium that contains glucose only and a medium that contains galactose and the antibiotic ampicillin.

Which of the following statements regarding the growth of the cells on these media is TRUE?


Only motile cells can grow on either medium.


Both motile and non-motile cells can grow on both media.


Only non-motile cells can grow on the glucose-only medium.


Only motile cells can grow on the galactose + ampicillin medium.

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