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A graduate student is digesting a 4600 base pair long plasmid, with restriction sites at the following locations: 200, 500, 1100, 2300, and 4500. After digestion is complete, she loads these fragments in a well of an agarose gel. She is also loading several other DNA digests in the same gel (including the undigested plasmid) in different wells. After the gel is ready, she cannot remember which well she loaded the plasmid digest.

How can she tell which is the correct lane containing the fragments of interest?


She could look at the fragments on the gel and expect an equidistant banding pattern since each one of the restriction sites is about double the distance from the previous one.


She should expect a total of five fragments and therefore five bands.


She should expect three bands in total since four of the fragments are of the same size.


She should expect to see four bands since two of the fragments are of the same size, and they travel down the gel together.


She should compare the undigested plasmid containing lane to the lane that she suspects contains the digested plasmid DNA. The graduate student should locate a band half the size of the undigested plasmid since one of the plasmid restriction sites is at the location of 2300.

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