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Aneuploidy is when a cell or organism contains an abnormal number of chromosomes, such as a trisomy (three copies of a particular chromosome) or a monosomy (only one copy of a particular chromosome). It is also possible for the entire genome to be duplicated. This is called polyploidy.

Polyploidies are not common in many species and are often lethal. In plants, however, polyploidies are often tolerated. Many common crop species are polyploid as the polyploids often produce larger fruit.

Kiwi plants are dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers occur on different plants. This means that the kiwi plant cannot self-pollinate​.

Of the various ploidys, which of the following would be LEAST likely to produce offspring?


Diploid (two copies of every chromosome).


Triploid (three copies of every chromosome).


Tetraploid (four copies of every chromosome).


Octoploid (eight copies of every chromosome).

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