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A scientist is interested in studying reciprocal hybrids (hybrids made from opposite matings) of two related mammalian species. Large differences in animal size have been documented between the two reciprocal types of hybrids at birth, and at later ages in life. The scientist is particularly interested in determining whether genomic imprinting or maternal uterine influence contributes to the reciprocal cross differences.

The scientist is considering the use of embryo transfer because zygotes can be produced and can be placed into surrogate females of the two different species. The surrogate females give birth and rear the embryo transfer offspring to weaning but are not genetically related to the offspring.

The experimental design is illustrated in the table below.

Scenario Male parent Female parent Progeny Surrogate female
1 A B ½ A ½ B F1 A
2 A B ½ A ½ B F1 B
3 B A ½ A ½ B F1 A
4 B A ½ A ½ B F1 B

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What comparison(s) would test for differences in genomic imprinting?

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Scenarios 1 vs. 2


Scenarios 1 vs. 3


Scenarios 1 vs. 4


Scenarios 2 vs. 3


Scenarios 2 vs. 4


Scenarios 3 vs. 4

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