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In western Africa, shell money was used as legal tender up until the mid 19th century. In West Central Africa shells were the currency of the "Kingdom of Kongo" called locally nzimbu. The king's revenue was estimated at 30,000,000 shells, with every adult male being required to pay annually 1000 shells for himself, 1000 for every pack-ox, and 2000 for every servant in his household.In the countries on the coast, the shells were fastened together in strings of 40 or 100 each, so that fifty or twenty strings respectively represented a "dollar".

It's 1818 in nzimbu, and this year onerich manis responsible for 0.5% of the king's revenue. Two thirds of this man's share of the revenue represents payment for the man himself and his pack-ox, while one third represents payment for the man's servants.

In the table, select the value of each variable consistent with the given information. Make only two selections, one in each column.

number of servants

number of pack-ox






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