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An airline overbooks its flights because in most cases, some passengers who have purchased tickets do not show up for flights. On a daily flight from Chicago to Miami, a plane holds 144 passengers. However, it is customary for the airline to sell 150 tickets. The table below shows how many passengers actually show up for this flight. The proportions are based on records from the last 100 daily flights on this route.

In the sortable table below, click on the column title to organize the table by that column's values.

Number of Passengers Proportion of Flights
150 0.01
149 0.02
148 0.02
147 0.01
146 0.04
145 0.05
144 0.08
143 0.15
142 0.17
141 0.24
140 0.16
139 0.03
138 0.02

Decide whether the following statements are true or false about this scenario.



The average number of passengers that show up for this flight is 141.

There is a 15% chance that too many passengers will show up for this flight.

A family of four passengers arrives at the last minute, without previously buying tickets. Considering only the cases in which the flight was not completely full, the family would have had a 21% chance of finding space on this flight.

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