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The CEO of a major corporation gives a press conference to address a recent investigation into the company's overseas investments in diamond mining. The center of the investigation is the possibility that the company, through large financial incentives, is funding so-called "blood diamonds," or diamonds that are acquired through violence and murder.

Several human rights organizations claim that the corporation's money is being funneled through fake companies for the purchase of weapons that are used to raid small mining operations. During the press conference, the CEO states that his company does not support violent acts, and, in fact, has given generously for the previous decade to charities that help survivors of war overcome the challenges they face.

Which of the following is the most significant flaw in the CEO's argument?


He does not deny the company's purchase of blood diamonds.


He does not provide detailed financial documents.


He does not address the claims against his company.


He does not acknowledge the existence of blood diamonds.


He does not prove that the company supports the charities he mentions.

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