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An economic development panel in a developing country proposes that a canal be built from the ocean to an interior lake system to spur economic growth. Through several international agreements, the panel says it has secured enough financing to begin construction, with further financial contributions promised as building milestones are attained. A major environmental group, however, strongly opposes the canal, claiming irreversible environmental damage through altering waterways and damaging the existing ecosystems along the proposed canal route. In response, the panel states that it is creating a plan that will minimize environmental damage by requiring builders to use eco-friendly materials, establishing a re-planting program for affected areas, and imposing water quality standards for the duration of the project.

Which of the following best strengthens the panel's position?"


The other countries involved will provide security for the land on both sides of the canal.


Hardy plants will be imported from around the world to further enhance the replanting efforts.


Farmers will be provided with land surrounding the canals, encouraging them to develop it responsibly.


The government will establish water use guidelines for communities located near the canal.


Water testing kits will be provided to builders so they can test water quality on their own.

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