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Studies have found that black cats have a lower number of adoptions than those with different markings. Even the slightest hint of white or other coloring on an otherwise black cat greatly increases the odds of adoption. One researcher concluded that the superstitious dislike of black cats and concern for supposed bad luck association has created this differential.

The researcher's opinion would be MOST strengthened by which of the following observations?


Black dogs also receive lower adoption rates in areas that are familiar with the Black Grim Dog visage, which is related to misfortune and possible death.


Famous black cats like Salem, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, are beloved TV icons.


There is no significant difference in adoption rates for black cats and black kittens.


There is no significant difference in adoption rates for black, white, or multicolored guinea pigs.


All black cats are unusual, and few are born without any tuxedo coloring.

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