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Central State College of Engineering has two research assistantships, one for the Civil Engineering Program and one for Electrical. The Civil Engineering program encompasses road and bridge building, infrastructure development, dams and mines. The field is so broad that a student from the Mechanical Engineering program would be acceptable under the right circumstances. The Civil Engineering Department would prefer to award the assistantship to a Civil Engineering major, so Mechanical Engineering majors will be considered only if their GPA, SAT and ACT scores are all at least 10% higher than the most qualified Civil Engineering Major, OR if the Mechanical Engineering candidate is at least as well qualified and offers an element of diversity.

The Electrical Engineering Program is very stringent about its candidates – it will consider only Electrical Engineering majors for its assistantship. This department values the SAT and ACT scores more highly than the GPA or diversity, so they apply a formula to rank candidates and give the assistantship to the candidate with the highest ranking. The formula is simply the sum of the standardized SAT and ACT scores. The assistantship will go to the student with the higher sum.

A standardized score is found by taking a score, subtracting the mean score, then dividing the result by the standard deviation. For example, the standardized GPA for Mr. Pierce is (3.3 – 3.7) / .2 = -2

student gpa sat act major diversity
Howard 3.8 1450 28 civil no
Yeo 3.9 1450 31 elec yes
Hayashi 3.8 1500 31 mech yes
McGovern 3.5 1460 30 mech no
Pierce 3.3 1470 31 civil no
Carelya 3.7 1550 30 elec no
mean 3.7 1480 30.2 n/a n/a
st dev .2 40 1.2 n/a n/a

Which candidate will be awarded the assistantship in each department? Choose only one answer in each column.

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering







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