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The histogram below presents the lengths of reigns (rounded to the nearest year) of the kings and queens of England, beginning with William the Conqueror in 1066. The current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has ruled for 63 years thus far and is tied with Queen Victoria for longest reign in history. The shortest reign length is 0 years, resulting from two cases of assassination within the first six months of ruling. Of the 42 monarchs in total, five were assassinated and one died in battle (Richard III).

A) Given that one monarch represented on the graph had a reign of exactly 20 years, which of these values could represent the median reign length?
Select Option 2521 2019.5

B) Is it possible for the mode to be a 13-year reign?
Select Option yesno

C) Estimate the percentile rank of a monarch who reigned for 44 years.
Select Option ${ 14 }^{ th }$ percentile${ 86 }^{ th }$ percentile${ 5 }^{ th }$ percentile${ 95 }^{ th }$ percentile

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