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Mr. Kendall tells his environmental studies class that, according to his calculations, 100 trees would have to be planted in existing forests for every car on the road to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

He argues that because there is not enough available land for this number of trees to be planted, the only solution is to offer incentives for people to use public transportation and dispose of their personal vehicles.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken Mr. Kendall’s claim?


People will be willing to give up their personal vehicles if offered substantial incentives.


Disposing of vehicles will only cause a new problem of landfills overflowing with cars.


Public transportation infrastructure is not capable of handling a massive influx of riders.


A study has found that wetlands are able to absorb up to 32% more carbon dioxide than forests absorb.


Airplanes are a far greater source of carbon dioxide emissions than automobiles.

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