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A teenager is seeking permission from his parents to go on a European backpacking trip with several friends. The parents are reluctant, especially since their son has never taken this type of trip before, and he has a history of lying to his parents about his activities with his friends. However, they decide to listen to his arguments before making a decision.

He says he has been saving his summer job earnings for three years, and will be able to pay for the trip himself. He also found an online history course he can take through the local community college, and has already received permission from the instructor to use his travel experiences as the basis for the course assignments. Finally, he says that he won't have much time to travel once he starts college.

Which of the following most strengthens the teenager's argument to go on the proposed trip?"


His friends are already experienced travelers.


He will check in with his parents every day.


His parents already know the friends with whom he'll be traveling.


He will present them with a budget before he leaves.


He will have more fun than he ever thought possible.

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