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Dr. Donofrio: Two semesters ago, only seven students failed my Postmodern Literature course. Now that we have a new curriculum that covers much more obscure authors than before, twelve students failed the course this last semester. We need to return to our original curriculum.

Dr. Mendez: I have the same curriculum, and I only had one more failure this last semester than in the previous one. Something else must be the issue in your course.

Dr. Donofrio’s conclusion assumes all the following EXCEPT


the ratio of students failing her course to students taking the course has increased along with the raw number of failures.


students’ possible prior knowledge about the authors covered in the original curriculum contributed to their success in the class.


students had the same prerequisites for the course as in previous semesters.


she has an equivalently effective approach to teaching the content as that of other professors.


the new content is less effective in teaching literary concepts than the original content.

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