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Email From Statistical Consulting Firm to Calvin’s Family Restaurant Owner

Memo from Calvin’s Family Restaurant Owner to Advertising Consulting Firm

Data from Restaurant Chain

Franchise No. Location Type of Menu Percentage Ordering New Sandwich
1 Mall Taste 12
2 Mall Taste 11
3 Free-standing Taste 15
4 Free-standing Taste 9
5 Mall Taste 6
6 Mall Taste 11
7 Free-standing Taste 10
8 Mall Taste 16
9 Mall Taste 10
10 Mall Taste 13
11 Free-standing Price 7
12 Free-standing Price 21
13 Free-standing Price 8
14 Mall Price 9
15 Free-standing Price 13
16 Free-standing Price 14
17 Free-standing Price 18
18 Free-standing Price 17
19 Mall Price 6
20 Free-standing Price 12

Consider each of the following statements. Does the information in the three sources support the inference as stated?



A weakness of the statistical consulting firm’s initial survey is that only current customers of the restaurant have a chance for feedback about the new steak sandwich proposal, not any potential customers.

The percentage of customers who ordered the new sandwich during the trial month tended to be higher when presented with a menu emphasizing taste.

A weakness in the data gathered during the trial month is that the taste-emphasizing menus were mostly sent to franchises located in shopping malls.

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