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Currently, every school must conduct one fire drill each month to guarantee that students, faculty, and staff can effectively exit the building in a timely manner. However, Mr. Smith has noticed that virtually no one takes the drills seriously; often, students talk as they slowly meander out of the building, and many teachers never even leave their classrooms.

Based on the information, which of the following would be the BEST way for Mr. Smith to combat this issue?


Mr. Smith should cancel all fire drills for the upcoming school year.


Mr. Smith should implement consequences for anyone not leaving the building during a fire drill.


Mr. Smith should increase the number of fire drills until everyone completes fire drills appropriately.


Mr. Smith should implement immediate consequences for anyone talking or meandering.


Mr. Smith should station some teachers in hallways to usher students out of the building and other teachers outside to ensure a proper head count has been made.

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