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The executive director of a county forest preserve district wants to study the relationship between entrance fees and the number of visitors to six popular forest preserves. The table below shows information about the six forest preserves available for visitors to select during the study, along with a description of some other characteristics (besides entrance fees) that influence visitor selection, such as close access to major roads and available campgrounds.

Code Forest Preserve Name Close to major roads? Campground available?
A Abraham Lincoln Memorial Preserve Yes Yes
B Constitution Preserve Yes No
C Liberty Preserve No Yes
D Veterans Memorial Preserve Yes Yes
E Freedom Preserve Yes Yes
F Honesty Preserve No No

The director will assign three of the preserves to have free admission, while the other three will be assigned to have a $5 fee for entrance. The number of visitors at each preserve for the next month will be recorded. The goal is to investigate​ whether there is sufficient evidence supporting a connection between admission fees and visitor attendance. The best possible study would minimize the effects of any factors affecting attendance at the preserves other than admission fees.

Assuming three preserves are to be selected to have free admission, which set of three preserves could be chosen for free admission in order to best serve the goal of this study? Which set of three preserves, if chosen to be assigned free admission, would least effectively serve the goal of this study?

Best set of preserves

Least effective set of preserves





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