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A local organization has an upcoming concert fundraiser; the organization needs to maximize the amount of money earned during the event.

In order to raise the most money during a concert fundraiser, which of the following provides the MOST logical plan?


Admission should be staggered by age (with the older patrons paying less than the younger) so that more older patrons will come.


Instead of a standard admissions price, the organization can promote that admission is free, but donations are appreciated; many patrons might give a substantial amount more than standard admission.


The cost of admission should be high enough to cover all food and beverages that the crowd might require so that only one entrance point is needed.


The cost of admission should be lowered so that patrons will be willing to pay for all food and beverages a la carte.


The cost of admission should be increased, but only half per person should be collected upon entry; the other half should be collected during intermission.

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