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The High City Jazz Festival is an annual event that raises funds for the city’s local culture clubs. Last year, the festival raised nearly three times the amount of money it did the year before. This year, the organizers anticipate a profit two times greater than last year’s.

The organizers of the festival have made a few changes each year, in an attempt to keep locals interested in coming back to the festival year-after-year. This year, to support the various culture clubs in the community, the Jazz Festival must raise a minimum of 52,800.00. Organizers of the High City Jazz Festival argue this year’s goal will reach their expected margin.

Which of the following statements can be inferred based on the information give above?

I. Organizers of the High City Jazz Festival have been negligent in their estimations for this year’s annual event.

II. Previous years’ attendees have no knowledge of how much money the event will generate.

III. The dollar amount the organizers need to make this year is more than double that in the past.

IV. The High City Jazz Festival will see an increase in taxes if they raise $52,800.00, which will negatively impact their profits.

V. The Culture Clubs in High City have needs that are not, currently, being met.


I only


II only


I, II, and III only


II and IV only


V only

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