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Alan is a human resources manager at a major firm. One of the primary tasks of his position is to select 20 people from a pool of applicants to participate in the company’s intern program each year. Though the internship period is only three months, the overall goal is to identify individuals with the potential to become long-term employees. In the eight years Alan has been running the program, his firm has hired his intern selections as long-term employees at a 73% rate. Though Alan's supervisors are satisfied with his numbers, they would like an employment rate of at least 85% before they will provide more funding to expand the program.

Of the following options, which is most likely to give Alan the information he needs to improve his selections?


The intern-to-employee rates of other businesses’ programs.


A comparison of hiring packages offered at his and other major firms.


Follow-up with the interns who chose employment with other companies.


The applicants’ GPAs and test scores and their correlation with eventual employment.


Interviews with the interns hired by his firm about why they chose to stay.

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