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An entrepreneur is interested in starting a plant nursery. In researching options, she has uncovered several important aspects of the area in which she would like to establish her business. First, there are 15 landscape businesses registered within the county.

Second, there are three retail nurseries that sell directly to the public and none that sell only to businesses purchasing large quantities.

Third, all of the stores sell traditional planting materials and equipment, such as soil, ceramic pots and fertilizer, and one also sells hydroponic materials, in which edible plants are grown directly in water.

Fourth, there is an increasing interest in hydroponics, which allows growing space can be used more efficiently. Based on her research, she has decided to open a commercial supply company specializing in hydroponic materials and equipment.

Based on the above, what additional information would most strengthen the entrepreneur's decision?


The economy in her area has improved over the previous five years.


Hydroponics has been shown to be most effective in large quantities.


Residents of the area are moving into larger houses.


Individual homeowners do most of the plant shopping in her area.


A local economic report indicates that homeowners are putting in large lawns.

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