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A time-effective solution to the problem of integrating technology into classrooms is to provide government assistance to low-income school districts that lack funding to expand their base of technology.

The grants from the government would be far more time sensitive than waiting for districts to save money and implement technology on their own. In the end, this method would prove to be a cost-effective way to reduce the bridge for implementing nationwide state tests in electronic form. In the end, this method would also prove to be cost-effective.

Which of the following, if true, best supports the plan above?


Schools wishing to receive a grant must apply for and be accepted in order.


One half of schools nationwide lack the technology to implement nationwide mandated electronic tests.


The majority of low-income schools do not view technology as a priority for their students.


There are many other places, such as the local library, where students can access the Internet.


A large portion of students in low-income districts do their homework in paper form.

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