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A trade conference is held for industry and government leaders to discuss changes to international trade policy. During the conference, one of the most popular sessions focuses on reducing the amount of international trade between the United States and several of its major trade partners.

The headlining speaker argues that limiting international trade will result in new jobs creation through the country, and may even lead to greater volumes of exported goods. Additionally, he argues that domestic competition will improve the products offered by both small and large companies, increasing demand for high-quality products.

Which of the following most strengthens the speaker's argument?"


Eradicating import limits will prevent too much competition from outside entities.


Exporting more goods will likely lead to trading partners demanding that the U.S. import more of their goods.


Improving domestic production will increase overall cost, but will improve durability of goods.


Increasing reliance on production and reducing reliance on banking institutions will reduce the risk of economic collapse.


People buying domestically-produced items will create a better jobs market and reduce unemployment.

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