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Lancid Farms produces over half of the produce sold at the local farmer’s market. Each year, they offer residents of Bullocksville the opportunity to buy a year’s worth of produce for one annual price, which generates the majority of the company’s annual profit. Representatives from Lancid Farms have recently raised the annual rates for locals, noting a higher demand for product at the farmer’s market. Locals are upset with this change and argue that larger farms are more concerned with profitability than keeping their loyal customers. The Bullocksville Farmer’s Market is located outside of the city, near a neighboring town. Lancid Farms only offers the annual produce opportunity to residents of Bullocksville. They have no interest in extending that opportunity to residents of other towns.

Based on the information above, which of the following is probably true about Lancid Farms?

I. Lancid Farms does not have enough employees to keep up with the local demands.
II. Lancid Farms has no reason to extend the opportunity to other communities because the bulk of their business comes from Bullocksville.
III. Lancid Farms would rather sell their produce at the farmer’s market than to locals.


I only


II only


III only


I and II only


II and III only

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