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Maria usually tutors nine students every week. Maria meets students at the local library, where their parents drop them off for their sessions. Parents pay Maria on a weekly basis, after the services are rendered.

Maria has noticed that her weekly income has been inconsistent lately, which makes budgeting and planning difficult. While Maria is content with the number of students she is tutoring, she wishes her weekly income could be more consistent, especially in the summer when students are not in school.

Assuming all of the following are true, which has the best chance of making Maria’s income more consistent year-round?


Maria should schedule all students for tutoring on the same day, especially in the summer.


Maria should charge parents a yearly rate for tutoring.


Maria should scale back on the number of students she tutors and focus on only students who are consistent.


Maria should charge parents a higher rate in order to offset the money she loses when students do not show up for tutoring.


Maria should try to increase the number of students she tutors on a weekly basis.

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