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Email One

Monthly Expenses
On Campus Off Campus
Rent / Dorm fee \$1100 \$800
Utilities \$0 \$50
Food \$400 \$600
Parking \$200 \$0
Gas \$20 \$70
Total \$1720 \$1520

Email 2

Email 3

David was doing mental math in Email 3. Assume that he used four weeks of work to represent one month. Consider each of the following statements. Does the information in the emails support the inference as stated? Choose Yes is the statement can be accurately inferred; otherwise choose No.



David's current allowance is 200 a month.

David and his parents need to save 4800 for the year abroad.

David will need to spend less than he currently does to meet his goal.

David makes 10 per hour at his job.

David has an off-campus job.

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